KEEP COOL® - the excellent solution

The Push-Pull functionality was created in 2001 by BEHR A/S (now REHAU-BEHR A/S).

The Push-pull operation and the unique construction design of the KEEP COOL® glass cover system allow unrestricted, free access to the gondola, particularly during rush-hour.

The Push-Pull functionality is REHAU-BEHR's trademark, and it is represented in all KEEP COOL® products.

The classic 3-glass solution of KEEP COOL® is patent protected, and our strong patent ensures KEEP COOL® the only opening on the market with the following features:

A total opening of 66%
Fixed 33% opening on both sides with no risk of conflict with customers on the opposide side of the island.

In addition, KEEP COOL® is modular and each cover is tailored specifically for each gondola, which makes KEEP COOL® a very flexible glass cover system, also suitable for layouts with pillars, superstructure or the like.



Design your own cover  special solutions (exotics)for every island display

Design your own cover Special solutions (exotics)