KEEP COOL® end units


KEEP COOL® end units are available as KEEP COOL® Curve or KEEP COOL® Plane variants.

Both end unit designs are available in three different compositions:

  • 3-glass in two or three rows (the number of rows depends on the length of the end unit)
  • 2-glass in three rows
  • 2-glass in two rows  

Below is an overview of the various configuration options, some examples of possible layouts (of island and end unit) and information regarding a few technical limitations.

KEEP COOL® end unit configuration options 

KEEP COOL® Plane end unit compositions

KEEP COOL® Curve and KEEP COOL® Curve Alu

KEEP COOL® Curve - end unit examples

KEEP COOL® Plane and KEEP COOL® Plane Alu

KEEP COOL® Plane end unit examples


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